Asesoramiento Técnico

We have speacialist engineers who advice you on your lubrication requirements in a direct and personalized way. Our objective is to guarantee a service that is characterized by its maximum reliability and trust.

Optimization and reengineering.

Throught a detailed study of equipment, vessels and facilities, we offer, through our Technical Support Department, the possibility of optimizing and improving production processes with:

    • Maximization of lubricant change periods:
      Obtaining the recommended change interval through the information obtained from the sampling, analysys and diagnosis system.
    • Optimization of lubricants in service:
      Simplification of the portfolio of lubricants used.
    • Reengineering:
      Study and analysis of the lubrication needs of each installation, proposing operational improvenments that translate into cost reduction.

Personalized Support.

At Cepsa, operational excellence resides in professional and close attention to our customers.

For this reason, we provide you with a direct contract with a personal technical advisor, who provides an agile and efficient response in the resolution of problems and technical queries, avoiding intermediation with platforms.