Technical assistance

CEPSA LUBRICANTES, through its Technical Assistance Service for Industry, Automobile, Transport and Public Works Professionals, will deal with any inquiry seeking to determine the most suitable products for your equipment or machinery and will propose to you a series of measures designed to optimize the performance of its lubricants in service.
Furthermore, this Service makes a series of programs available that enables you to draw up the STUDIES and LUBRICATION ROUTES of your Factory or Industry equipment though the ELUBIN and SIGLUB applications, to prepare the LUBRICATION PLANS with the most suitable lubricants for each of the elements of the vehicles of your Machinery or Fleet Park and, finally, to optimize the performance of your equipment through the anomaly prevention diagnostic system SIGPAT.


To request further information about any of the services offered by the Department for Technical Assistance, please contact us.
                Address: TORRE CEPSA. PASEO DE LA CASTELLANA, 259A. 28046 MADRID (ESPAÑA)
                Tel: 91 337 75 70/91 374 93 06 / 91 337 60 22/91 337 66 16