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Can I mix conventional Star fuels and Óptima fuels?

Of course. Mixing both products (Star and Óptima) is not a drawback; they are fully compatible. We recommend you consume Óptima Fuels from the first fill to maximize the benefits.

Do the new Óptima fuels have any environmental benefit?

Yes. Óptima is CEPSA's way of respecting the environment, for the following reasons:

  • 1. The new formula contains detergents that control the formation of deposits in the fuel system, keeping the engine clean and contributing to reduction in fuel consumption, and therefore environment-contaminating emissions.
  • 2. Thanks to its cetane number improver, it facilitates the start-up of the engine in the cold, and reduces noise and vibration as well as environment-contaminating emissions.
  • 3. Gasoline also contains a friction modifier, which means that it reduces energy loss through friction of the metal parts of the engine, increasing engine performance and reducing consumption and contaminating emissions.

Have tests been conducted with Óptima Fuels to verify their benefits?

Of course. Óptima Fuels were formulated in research centers that demonstrate all the benefits that Óptima Fuels provide to the engine. Both in Óptima Diesel and Óptima Gasoline, studies show two key aspects: the Keep Clean effect, i.e., the ability to keep the engine clean, and the Clean Up effect, which refers to the fuel's capacity to clean a dirty engine.

In both cases, and for both diesel and gasoline, the results were outstanding.

In the case of detergency tests carried out in gasoline valves and injectors, Óptima is able to eliminate more than 80% of residue accumulated by regular fuel use.

How can I learn more about Óptima Fuels?

If you have any additional questions or want to contact us, you can do so via an email where each question will be answered by a fuel expert as clearly and detailed as possible.

Is Óptima's powerful cleansing action also capable of cleaning older engines?

The age of engine does not matter when it comes to achieving all the benefits that we have discussed. It is recommended that you continue to use Óptima Fuels to appreciate all their benefits, as they will clean the engine and keep it running smoothly.

Óptima Fuels will help you maintain your performance and extend the engine's useful life due to its anti-corrosion properties and the use of a more oxidation-stable product.

Óptima Diesel achieves a level of cleanliness of up to 80% of already dirty injectors. With Óptima Gasoline, you can eliminate up to 88% of deposits that are created by conventional gasoline.

What are the benefits of filling up with Óptima Fuels?

We have carried out very rigorous tests on the benefits of Óptima Fuels in vehicles and the results are as follows:

  • It keeps the engine clean: Óptima has detergents that not only help to keep those areas of the engine in contact with fuel clean, but also remove existing dirt. It is also a product that remains stable to temperature oxidation, thus reducing the formation of sediments that can damage components of the injection system.
  • Maximum reduction in contaminating emissions: Óptima fuels release less CO2 emissions per kilometer in relation to ordinary quality fuels.
  • Noise reduction: Thanks to a larger cetane number compared with conventional quality diesel. In this way, Óptima Diesel provides better driving comfort by facilitating engine stabilization faster and allowing a better start-up. Saving on maintenance costs, thanks to the fact that its components, as well as keeping the engine clean, get the most power from the fuel.

Thanks to all these benefits, the engine performance is maintained by helping the engine to continue to run like on day one.

prestaciones del motor ayudando a que el motor siga funcionando como desde el primer día.

What are the differences between Óptima 95 and Óptima 98?

The engine of a vehicle is designed to use a fuel with a certain octane number. Therefore, instructions in the vehicle manual should always be followed.

In principle, gasoline 98 can be used by all vehicles. However, it being specially recommended for state-of-the-art engines, with a high compression ratio, and in sports vehicles, it is in these types of engines that its best performance can be realized.

If the vehicle manual does not specifically prescribe gasoline 98, it is possible to choose either of the two types of gasoline, bearing in mind that, from the point of view of product quality and performance, Óptima 95 and 98 have been developed to obtain the maximum benefits in terms of protection, engine cleanliness and reduction of environment-contaminating emissions in order to maintain the initial benefits of the vehicle and to prolong its useful life.


What differences are there between conventional and Óptima fuels?

Cepsa Óptima fuels are superior in quality to conventional diesel and gasoline. It is true that the two products comply with the specifications in force for diesel and gasoline in motor vehicles (Royal Decree 1088/2010 of September 3).

Cepsa's Óptima formula has been developed to improve the valve and injector cleanliness properties, corrosion protection, etc., of conventional fuels.

The combination of these properties provides tangible benefits to Cepsa Óptima Fuel. This is a fuel that cares for and prolongs the life of the engine from the first filling, reduces contaminating emissions and provides greater comfort in driving.

Why does it compensate for the price difference between the Óptima fuels and other conventional fuels?

Óptima contains a series of additives that are a significant improvement over the conventional product for a small price difference:

  • - It keeps the engine clean, extending its useful life.
  • - It maintains engine performance longer.
  • - It reduces maintenance costs.

Why is Cepsa introducing a new formula of Óptima Fuels?

Because the continuous process of evolution and adaptation of the latest engine technologies keeps Cepsa on a continuous search for new and better fuels. For this reason, Óptima Fuels have been designed to complement and enhance the qualities of new, more sophisticated and state-of-the-art engines, while continuing to offer benefits to older engines. The new Óptima formulation has therefore led to a more effective and efficient fuel in engine cleanliness and care from the first refueling, which allows for an improvement in performance and environmental protection.

Will I notice the difference quickly after using Óptima Fuels?

Indeed. From your first refilling, Óptima is able to remove deposits of particles accumulated in the fuel system, as well as an improvement in the engine start-up, and greater convenience in filling the tank due to its anti-foam capacity.

Our product helps keep the engine clean with the same conditions as on its first day, extending its useful life and reducing fuel consumption and maintenance costs.