Toll Collect

Toll Collect is a device that allows you to comfortably drive and pay fees on German highways without any hiccups.

There are several billing systems: OBU Toll Collect devices, over the Internet or directly at the toll collection terminal.

With your StarRessa card, transporters who are Toll Collect users have the opportunity to benefit from the service in Spanish. Our operators are in charge of all operations:

- Answer any questions that may arise when managing the payment.

- Translate Toll Collect documents and communications (as these are sent only in German).

- Translation and resolution of fines.

- OBU payment management in Spanish workshops.

- Toll Collect reservations over the Internet.

- Daily direct relation with the Toll Collect Customer Service.

Carry out transportations all over Germany with peace of mind, knowing that we will resolve all incidents with an immediate response and in Spanish.

To get your StarRessa Teletoll Collect, you must provide a guarantee that will be assessed in a study conducted by a Surety Company*.


* Approval subject to RESSA Credit department conditions. Customers who do not provide a sufficient bank guarantee bear the Risk Study cost plus VAT (nineteen euros) and a minimum monthly coverage cost of three and a half euros.