Teletoll GO-BOX

Teletoll GO-BOX is a device that allows you to drive on Austrian roads without stopping or using special lanes. After passing the toll, you’ll receive an audible notification.

Control your consumption online and download transaction data to incorporate directly into your management program.

With the monthly bill that you receive, request the recovery of the international Austrian VAT.

Remember that driving on Austrian roads without this device carries fines of up to €500.

  • go box

    1. Fill in and sign the standard contract and attach the form and the road permit of each vehicle. (This is because this device is linked to the vehicle registration, so it cannot be swapped).

  • go box

    2. When we validate the documentation received, we provide you with a record number.

  • go-box

    3. Finally, you can pick up the device in any of the “GO-BOX Points of Sale" located on the Austrian border and in Austria.

To get your StarRessa GO-BOX Toll, you must provide a guarantee that will be assessed in a study conducted by a Surety Company*.

* Approval subject to Credit department conditions. Customers who do not provide a sufficient bank guarantee bear the Risk Study cost plus VAT (nineteen euros) and a minimum monthly coverage cost of three and a half euros.