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Can I mix conventional Star fuels and Óptima fuels?

Of course. Mixing both products (Star and Óptima) is not a drawback; they are fully compatible. We recommend you consume Óptima Fuels from the first fill to maximize the benefits.

Can two types of gasoline be mixed?

Yes, provided that the car is prepared to use unleaded gasoline and has no catalytic converter.

Which cars can use unleaded gasoline?

All cars that have a catalytic converter must use unleaded gasoline. There are also many cars without a catalytic converter that are equipped to work with this fuel as well.

What if I accidentally put unleaded gasoline in a car that is not equipped for it?

You must drive slowly and fill the tank with super gasoline as soon as there is space in it.

What is the right octane rating for my vehicle?

Whatever is recommended by the manufacturer. You may also use gasoline of a higher octane rating than that recommended, but never a lower one.