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How can I place my Cepsa diesel order?

This is easy and simple. You can use any of our contact channels: telephone or email. The availability of our commercial team is one of our main advantages. You will be given exclusive personal treatment.

What are the technical requirements for Diesel A that must be taken into account, and why?

The cetane number, water and sediment content, low temperature performance and oxidation stability are the most important characteristics that make it possible to determine the quality level of a fuel.

Firstly, the cetane number gives us an assessment of the fuel ignition capacity in an engine, the most significant characteristic in relation to low temperature ignition.

The cetane number must meet the minimum recommendations of engine manufacturers for each type of service. A higher cetane number than required does not improve the efficiency or running of the engine. Currently, the specification for the cetane number is 51 minimum.

Water and sediment content is an important characteristic because these contaminants can contribute to clogging filters and causing damage to the injection system.

Running at low temperatures is measured by the fuel's capacity to flow and be pumped through the filter system without causing obstruction by the presence of paraffin compounds forming at low temperatures. This diesel performance at low temperatures can be estimated by determining the point of obstruction of the cold filter for which it is specified in winter at a maximum of -10°C.

Finally, oxidation stability measures the tendency of diesel fuel to form gums and sediments derived from oxidation in the presence of air. Diesels with low oxidation stability contain insolubles that can obstruct filters, deform deposits in the combustion chamber and damage components of the injection system.

Why use Cepsa Diesel A?

It meets the highest standards of quality, adapts efficiently to the latest technologies, is environmentally friendly, has detergent, anti-rust, anti-foam and wear-resistant properties and is known for its lubricity and good performance at low temperatures.

What is the minimum order I can place and what must I consider at the time of delivery?

The minimum order you can place is 200 liters, with a total guarantee of the amount delivered.

In which area can I consume Cepsa diesel A?

You can consume it at any point in the Spanish Peninsula and Balearic Islands. We adapt to the delivery requirements that you request.

What forms of payment are accepted?

We accept all standard forms of payment: bank deposit, credit/debit card, transfer, etc.

What advantages do I have in working with Cepsa?

At Cepsa, we provide you simply and helpfully with all the information necessary to process the "céntimo sanitario" tax refund.

How can I download my bills?

You can download your bills in the reserved area of our website, and by registering for the online bills service, you can download the bills issued beginning from the time of your registration.

How do I register in the reserved area?

On the website in the option. If you are not yet registered, do so here. Once you have entered the user name and password, you can register on the bills display.