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How can I find out the technical characteristics of Cepsa products?

Cepsa has developed fuels with exclusive formulas as a result of intense effort to offer state-of-the-art products. To learn about the technical characteristics of the products, please consult our online catalogs.

What regulations do I have to apply to complete installing my petroleum products storage?

Petroleum installations are governed by Royal Decree 2085/94 of October 20 approving the Oil Installations Regulation. This Regulation comprises general rules and additional technical instructions (ITCs), which provide specific technical requirements guaranteeing the safety of persons and goods in accordance with current technology.

At present, the following ITCs are in force:

  • ITC MI-IP 01 Refineries. This lays down the technical specifications to be met by oil installations for the refining, storage and distribution of propellants and liquid fuels.


  • ITC MI-IP 02 Storage facilities. This lays down the technical requirements to be met by storage centers for liquid petroleum products designed for bulk distribution:
    1. To other storage facilities.
    2. To supply facilities for vehicles.
    3. To storage facilities for consumption at the installation itself.

It shall also apply to storage and supply facilities for aviation fuels and to storage and supply facilities for vessels.

  • ITC MI-IP 03 Storage facilities for consumption at the installation itself. Applies to:
    1. Fixed industrial installations (furnace burners, etc.).
    2. Storage facilities for mobile containers for industrial use.
    3. Heating and ACS.
    4. Fixed installations for internal use.
    5. Supplies to internal transport.
    6. Supplies to non-vehicular machinery.
  • ITC MI-IP 04 Installations for supplies to vehicles. It lays down the technical requirements that installations for supply to vehicles must meet.

How can I place my Cepsa diesel order?

This is easy and simple. You can use any of our contact channels: telephone or email. The availability of our commercial team is one of our main advantages. You will be given exclusive personal treatment.

Why use Cepsa heating diesel?

Because it meets the highest standards of quality. It adapts efficiently to the latest technologies, is environmentally friendly, delivers better performance, higher calorific power, and energy efficiency. It also can be used in any boiler and has optimum cold performance.

What is the minimum order I can place and what must I consider at the time of delivery?

The minimum order you can place is 200 liters, with a total guarantee of the amount delivered.  As a safety measure, we recommend you have the heating switched off.

In which area can I consume Cepsa heating diesel?

You can consume it at any point in the Spanish Peninsula and Balearic Islands. We adapt to the delivery requirements that you request.

Can I finance my order?

Yes. At Cepsa, we offer you a deferred payment service*, in addition to the usual forms of payment, direct debit, credit/debit card, bank transfer, etc.

* Discuss conditions with your sales representative.

What is the most suitable heating system for a residential community?

Diesel central heating systems provide communities with numerous advantages:

  • Boilers for collective housing are pressurized and offer much better performance than those for individual use.
  • The maintenance cost for the community installation is cheaper and involves fewer verification and control operations of the safety systems, as well as having no restriction on ventilation.
  • It is also possible to install a diesel central heating system for individual consumption that, in addition to the comfort and savings provided by the system, allows for the simultaneous control of consumption by each neighbor.

Is diesel safe?

It is a very safe fuel, as it is not flammable at room temperature nor does it produce explosions.

Are diesel heating systems cheaper than other market alternatives?

Its heat to cost ratio is excellent. With a diesel heating system, you will save on the fixed term and meters rental that other fuels require.

Is the installation of a diesel heating system more economical than other heating systems?

Yes, because it is a safe fuel, it does not require the security mechanisms that other fuels require. The cost of the conversion and the price of the boiler/burner unit is also lower.

Is a diesel heating system comfortable and convenient?

The availability of a fuel storage tank guarantees individual operation and heat in the home at all times, without fear of a cut in supply for any reason, such as the performance of work nearby.

In addition, the technology allows you to choose the temperature and heating times you want in your home.

Is diesel heating environmentally friendly?

New diesel fuels that Cepsa is conducting major research and development in reduce emissions of polluting gases. In fact, European studies show that heating with diesel respects the environment as much as other energy.

Do you have financing plans to help me decide to renew my boiler?

The Cepsa Plan for boiler renewals finances up to 100% of your new installation, with preferential interest rates. As well as this, Cepsa can also manage subsidies for you available from local authorities.

Are there financing plans making the decision to convert the boiler easier?

The Cepsa boiler conversion plan funds up to 100% of your new installation at preferential interest rates. In addition, Cepsa manages for you the subsidies that can be obtained from various official agencies (municipalities, autonomous communities, etc.).

What is the future of diesel heating systems?

Diesel systems are a guarantee of the future, which is why they are the most installed in Europe. These systems have incorporated the latest technology applied to heating, allowing high yields, homogeneous and personalized heating and automatic temperature programming, which means a reduction in your energy bill.

Oil is an energy of the future, which guarantees you comfortable and convenient service in your home.

What are the advantages of the new diesel heating systems?

Los sistemas de calefacción a gasóleo son los más utilizados en toda Europa tanto en instalaciones individuales como colectivas.

Son muchas las razones que hacen que el usuario se incline por la utilización de este sistema frente a otros combustibles alternativos como pueden ser el gas natural, los gases licuados del petróleo ó la electricidad.

Who is responsible for maintaining my heating installation?

We offer professionals from Cepsa's National Network of Installation and Maintenance Companies, who are responsible for everything that your heating system requires.

How can I download my bills?

You can download your bills in the reserved area of our website, and by registering for the online bills service, you can download the bills issued beginning from the time of your registration.

How do I register in the reserved area?

On the website in the option. If you are not yet registered, do so here. Once you have entered the user name and password, you can register on the bills display.