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Is the same type of kerosene used in aviation as for heating?

No, the kerosene used in aviation has different specifications and properties than that used for heating or stoves. The Cepsa Aviation Department does not sell heating kerosene.

Can an aircraft use JET A-1 or AVGAS100LL indiscriminately?

No, under no circumstances. Turbine engines have to use JET-A1 as fuel, and piston engines AVGAS100LL.

How are fuels supplied in aviation?

There are three methods for supplying them:

  • Direct supply to the aircraft at the airport.
  • Supply in facilities outside of the airport area.
  • The customer draws the fuel from the airfield in drums or tankers.

There are a number of restrictions, regulations and limitations on the supply of aviation fuels. For more information, please contact our Aviation Department.

What are JP-8 and JP-5?

These are specific fuels for the supply of military aircraft.

Can JP-8 or JP-5 be purchased at civilian airports?

No, only the military can purchase these fuels through special contracts.

What procedure should be followed to request an offer of supply of aviation fuels?

Requesting an offer is carried out via our Aviation department, by fax or email, which should include the following information:

  • Full name of the company.
  • Registered Office.
  • CIF [Tax Code]/VAT No.
  • Activity of the company.
  • IATA Code, if available.
  • Contact telephone, fax or email.
  • Procurement period desired.
  • Fuel(s) to be supplied.
  • Airport(s)/location(s) of supply.
  • Supply type: on-board, drawing by own means, etc.
  • Estimated consumption during the contract period at each airport or place of supply.