Macron Law

Macron Law

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On July 1, 2016, the so-called “Macron Law” took effect in France, which establishes a series of requirements for transporters.

This law applies to drivers of companies that transport merchandise and travelers established in a different Member State of the European Union. That is, all Spanish transportation companies that operate in France must comply with this new law.

The Macron Law does not establish new rights for displaced workers in France, rather, it has the objective of creating the necessary conditions so that their rights are more respected (right to a minimum salary, payment for extra hours, salary bonuses, etc.).

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  • Normativa


    They have the knowledge and experience to comply with the new French regulations.

  • Gestión de trámites


    They manage the operations remotely.

  • Consentimiento Ley Macron


    They need your consent to represent you before the French Administration and carry out the operations on your behalf.


Each carrier must carry the following documentation:

The representative in France.

The law provides that the representative must have at the disposal of the competent authorities the documents relating to each posted worker, up to 18 months from the completion of the transport.

Trucks or bus drivers who loads or unloads in France.


  1. Copy of the employment contract (also valid in Spanish).
  2. Displacement certificate: it can be downloaded from the website of the French Ministry of Labour and is valid for 6 months.

This document must be completed:

- Company and employee identification data.

- Methods of remuneration (per diems, etc.) paid (from July 2016).

- Details of the representative in France, with permanent address in France and representation contract with the carrier.