What is AutoGas?

The term used to refer to the type of LPG used for motor fuel.

The world is banking on Autogas as the alternative fuel of the future.

Autogas is a mix of Butane (max. 80%) and Propane (min. 20%)

It can be used as fuel in family cars, vans, buses, forklift trucks, karts and fishing and recreational boats.

It is the least polluting, cheapest and most widely used alternative fuel, with 16 million Autogas vehicles in use, 7 million of which are in Europe.

  • Autogas fuels buses in 25 different European cities
  • Available at 33,000 service stations across Europe

Cepsa Autogas is the best alternative for your business.

With Autogas, in addition to saving money on fuel and maintenance, you can be safe in the knowledge that all your vehicles, whatever the model, are environmentally friendly.

Would you like to save on fuel and maintenance? Use Autogas:

When compared with diesel: You can save up to 30% each year for industrial vehicles, and 17% for family cars.

When compared with petrol: You can save up to 32% each year for industrial vehicles, and 37% for family cars.

Avoid unnecessary repairs as LPG is less damaging to your car's engine than other fuels.

Environmental benefits

Benefits compared with diesel/biodiesel. Reducing urban pollution:

  • NOx emissions by 95%
  • Particle emissions by 90%
  • Noise pollution by 50%

Benefits compared with petrol. Reducing greenhouse emissions:

  • CO2 emissions by up to 15%
  • Operating costs (€/km) by up to 50%

(Source: Guía de la Energía en el Sector del Automóvil, Comunidad de Madrid 2007)