In order to provide the most convenient, professional service for each of our customers, the CEPSA Service Station Network is prepared to provide you the most complete response to your needs.

1. DEPASO Shops


2. Restaurant
For your comfort, we have roadside restaurant services at a large number of CEPSA Service Stations, as well as fast food in the city centres
3. Hotel
4. Carwash
CEPSA Service Stations provide a carwash service, to clean your vehicle in complete comfort and speed.
5. Vacuum cleaners
Located next to the cleaning facility, to clean the textile and plastic surfaces inside cars.
6. Manometers
Available throughout the CEPSA Service Station network; used to measure and supply the relative air pressure required by vehicle tyres.
Inadequate tyre pressure may cause:
Greater fuel consumption and greater wear on the wheels. Less adherence to the road surface, with consequent loss of stability and increased risk of accident. 7. Quick mechanical and lubrication centre
A large number of our Service Stations have oil pumps to remove used oil from the motor.
8. Application for CEPSA heating diesel orders
We deliver it to you home
CEPSA provides service that allows our customers to make their CEPSA Heating Diesel orders directly at service stations and receive it at home. Some Service Stations on the CEPSA Network take these orders and quickly and conveniently deliver at our customers' homes. At CEPSA we contribute to making your life and that of your family as comfortable as possible. Find out at your nearest Service Station and enjoy the best family heat at home, simply and quickly, with all the advantages of CEPSA.
For further information, contact our Customer Care Service.
9. Sale of Bottled Butane
In expansion phase for distribution throughout Spain, the CEPSA Service Station network now sells bottled butane gas for domestic use in the Autonomous Regions of Andalucia, Valencia, Murcia, Madrid and Castilla-La Mancha.