Cepsa Marine Fuels DMCC

In August 2014, following the international expansion of CEPSA, CEPSA MARINE FUELS DMCC is established in Dubai for the marketing of marine fuels in the ports of Fujairah, Khor Fhakkan and other emirate’s ports in a following stage.

Fujairah is the second largest bunker "Hub" of the world and we are sure that CEPSA will be a major player in this market.

CEPSA MARINE FUELS DMCC has Contracts of Affreightments with barge operators which allow us to deliver our own product loaded from Fujairah terminal.

CEPSA MARINE FUELS DMCC offers and delivers high quality products, from RMG 380 ISO 2005 and RMG 380 2010, to Marine diesel oil (MGO DMA and LSMGO).

Due to their COA´s, CEPSA MARINE FUELS DMCC, has the flexibility to supply orders from 500 MT up to 6,000 MT for immediate delivery, with a monthly average of deliveries of 30,000 MT.

As any CEPSA office , the staff is available 24/7/365, always with a close and professional service with the best possible quality.