CEPSA Panama

CEPSA Panama

With a long track record in the bunker business dating back to 1929, CEPSA is a leading world supplier of bunker fuels and ranks first in the Spanish mainland, the Strait of Gibraltar and the Canary Islands. 

International operations were bolstered by the creation in 1998 of CEPSA Panama S.A., 67%-owned by CEPSA and the rest (33%) by Pacific Petroleum S.A. CEPSA provides bunker fuel services to its customers in major ports around the globe and to expand its area of influence in the Atlantic and Pacific through the Balboa and Cristóbal ports located on both sides of the Panama Canal. Supplies are made directly through pipelines, by trucks and above all, by barge service.

Key data:

- Fuels sold:

    Marine Gas Oil LS

    Fuel Oil 380 HS, Fuel Oil 180 HS

    Intermediate fuels

- 2015 Supply:

    965 supply operations.

- 2015 Sales:

    605.000 tonnes.

- Storage capacity:

   97.000 m3.